Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure
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Design of Concrete Structure

Based on IS 456:2000

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  • Total Lectures - 43
  • Total Duration of all Lectures - 25 Hours

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"I have been associated with Machenlink since my start of the third year of B.Tech. I have taken up the “Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure: IS 456“ online video-based course. It helped me to grab the concept of “Design of Structures” from the very scratch. The course is blended with insightful problems along with strategy and step-wise-solution at the end of every topic. It gives good exposure to crack any DOS problem. I would recommend all my fellow juniors to get enroll for this course offered by Machenlink. Best of luck"

Aman Gupta
Senior Undergraduate, IIT Bombay

"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys are doing an outstanding job. I’m glad to say I got benefited with your videos. It’s excellent how interactively the topics were presented. Genuinely appreciate the back-end support you guys gave to produce those simple, elegant and to the point problem-solving. Picking up the appropriate problem statements is appreciable. Your efforts would surely benefit a lot of students out there and would surely recommend others to access your videos. Wish you all the best in taking up more courses and completing them as quickly as possible for the career planners."

Jagan Mohan

PhD Student Melbourne, Australia

Why this course?


"If a builder builds a house for a man and does not make its construction firm, and the house which he has built collapses  and causes the death of the owner of the house, that builder shall be put to death."
The Code of Hammurabi, Babylon, Circa 2000 B.C.

"2600 People die every year due to Building collapse."
Disaster Management of India

Engineering is, foremost, about solving the real problems not only questions in exams.

Reinforced concrete design encompasses both art and science of engineering. Here’s a chance to learn the basic concept of designing. The aim of this course is to design structural elements like a beam, column, slab.

 Some Key Features of this course, …

  • Topics are taught thoroughly and systematically to clarify the basic concepts and fundamental principles without weakening technical hardship.
  • Many example problems are solved to demonstrate or to provide further insights into the basic concepts and applications of fundamental principles.
  • The solution of each example is preceded by a strategy, which is intended to teach students to think about possible solutions to a problem before they begin to solve it. Each solution provides a step-by-step procedure to guide the student in problem-solving which really help students for university examinations and for the conventional exam like ESE (Engineering Services Examinations).


  • Strength of Materials (SOM)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Concrete Technology


  • Students of 4 years Engineering Programs
  • Engineer preparing for competitive exams like GATE, ESE, PSU, SSC-JE and others state level exams

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Course Curriculum

01 Introduction to Reinforced Concrete Structure (IS 456: 2000) Preview
02 Basic Properties of Concrete and Steel (42:00)
03 Basic Concepts (WSM and ULM) (26:00)
04 Basic Concepts (LSM) (25:00)
05 Bending of Beam (Important Points) (29:00)
06 Bending of Concrete Beam (27:00)
Analysis and Design of Beam (WSM)
07 Analysis of Singly Reinforced Beam (Concept) WSM (45:00)
08 Analysis of Singly Reinforced Beam (Examples) WSM (42:00)
09 Design of Singly Reinforced Beam (WSM) (43:00)
Analysis and Design of Singly Reinforced Beam (LSM)
10 Analysis of Singly Reinforced Beam (LSM) (53:00)
11 Analysis of Singly Reinforced Beam (Example) (38:00)
12 Design of Singly Reinforced Beam (Concepts) (30:00)
13 Design of Singly Reinforced Beam (Procedure) (27:00)
14 Design of Singly Reinforced Beam (Example) (37:00)
Analysis and Design of Doubly Reinforced Beam (LSM)
15 Analysis of Doubly Reinforced Beam (Concept) (42:00)
16 Design of Doubly Reinforced Beam (Concept) (46:00)
Analysis and Design of Flanged Beam (LSM)
17 Analysis of Flanged Beam (Concept) (47:00)
18 Analysis of Flanged Beam (Example) (25:00)
19 Design of Flanged Beam (Concept) (26:00)
20 Design of Flanged Beam (Example) (22:00)
Design for Shear
21 Design for Shear Part 1 (33:00)
22 Design for Shear Part 2 (42:00)
23 Design for Shear Part 3 (38:00)
Design for Torsion
24 Design for Torsion Part 1 (32:00)
25 Design for Torsion Part 2 (29:00)
26 Design for Torsion Part 3 (35:00)
Design for Bond
27 Design for Bond Part 1 (42:00)
28 Design for Bond Part 2 (39:00)
29 Design for Bond Part 3 (27:00)
30 Design for Bond Part 4 (39:00)
Design of One-way Slab
31 Analysis of One-Way Slab (17:00)
32 Design of One-Way Slab (38:00)
Design of Two-way Slab
33 Design for Two-Way Slab Part 1 (40:00)
34 Design for Two-Way Slab Part 2 (24:00)
35 Design for Two-Way Slab Part 3 (46:00)
36 Design for Two-way Slab Part 4 (48:00)
Basic of Column Design
37 Basics of Column Design Part 1 (35:00)
38 Basics of Column Design Part 2 (45:00)
Design of Short Column
39 Design of Short Column Part 1 (44:00)
40 Design of Short Column Part 2 (47:00)
41 Design of Short Column Part 3 (36:00)
Design of Long Column
42 Design of Long Column Part 1 (42:00)
43 Design of Long Column Part 2 (26:00)

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