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Why this course?


This is the demo courses of design of reinforced concrete structure. Here you can watch demo videos lectures available both in Hindi as well in English before moving to premium course.

For any queries you can email us at or call us at 7536003343 (WhasApp is also available)

Course Curriculum

RCC Demo Lectures in English
Introduction to Reinforced Cement Concrete (IS 456 - 2000)
Working Stress Method and Limit State Method
Analysis of Singly Reinforced Beam WSM
Analysis of Singly Reinforced Beam (Examples) WSM
Notes - Introduction
RCC Demo Lectures in Hindi
Introduction to Reinforced Concrete Structure (IS 456: 2000)
Basic Properties of Concrete
Working Stress Method (Concept) Reinforced Cement Concrete
Limit State Method LSM , (Hindi) Reinforced Cement Concrete (IS 456:2000)
Working stress method and Limit state method
Grades of Steel in IS 456 :2000
Modulus of Elasticity of concrete as per IS 456:2000
Taking sample from fresh Concrete
Design Stress-Strain Curve for Concrete and Steel

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