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Course Curriculum

Introduction to RCC Preview
Design Methods (WSM Vs LSM)
Bending (Flexural) Behaviour of Beam
Singly Reinforced Beam (WSM)
Analysis of Singly Reinforced Beam (WSM)
Design of Singly Reinforced Beam (WSM)
Singly Reinforced Beam (LSM)
Analysis of Singly Reinforced Beam (LSM) Preview
Design of Singly Reinforced Beam (LSM)
Doubly Reinforced Beam (LSM)
Analysis of Doubly Reinforced Beam (LSM)
Design of Doubly Reinforced Beam(LSM)
Flanged Beam (LSM)
Analysis of Flanged Beam(LSM)
Design of Flanged Beam (LSM)
Design for Shear
Basic Concepts Preview
Shear Reinforcement
IS 456 Recommendations and Design Example
Design for Torsion
Basic Concepts
Design Procedure and Exmaple
Design for Bond
Introduction to Bond Development
Curtailment of Reinforcing Bars
Bends, Hooks and Splicing
One-way Slab
Analysis and Design of One-way Slab
Two-way Slab
Simply Supported and Torsionally Restrained Two-Way Slab
Design Procedure and Example
Basics of Column
Column Basics Preview
Design of Short Column
Design of Short Column
Uni-axial Short Column
Bi-axial Short Column
Design of Long Column
Long Column

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