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Course Curriculum

Course Overview (6 pages) Preview
Introduction to Soil Mechanics
Introduction to Soil Mechanics (18 pages)
Basic Definitions and Relationships
Basic Definitions (9 pages) Preview
Relation between Soil Constituents (14 pages)
Determination of Water Content (11 pages)
Determination of Specific Gravity (5 pages)
Determination of Unit Weight (16 pages)
Index Properties
Seive Analysis (6 pages) Preview
Sedimentation Analysis (19 pages)
Particle size ditribution Curve (7 pages)
Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit and Shrinkage Limit (15 pages)
Shrinkage Parameters (10 pages)
Activity, Sensitivity and Thixotropy (11 pages)
Soil Classification
Textural and Highway Reasearch Board Classification (8 pages)
Unified Soil Classification System (15 pages)
Soil Structure and Clay Mineralogy
Soil Structure and MInerology (14 pages)
Permeability (One-Dimensional Flow of Water) Hydraulic Conductivity
Introduction to Permeability (10 pages) Preview
Determination of Permeability (14 pages)
Flow Parallel and Perpendicular to Soil Layers (10 pages)
Well Hydraulics (21 pages)
Seepage (Two-Dimensional Flow of Water)
Laplace Equation (10 pages)
Flow Net (16 pages)
Flow through Earth Dams (18 pages)
Stress-strain and Effective Stress
Simple Stress-strain and Modulus of elasticity (10 pages)
Effect of Water-table and Surcharge (12 pages)
Effect of Capillarity and Seepage (21 pages)
Stress Distribution in Soil
Principal Stresses (10 pages)
Point Load and Line Load (17 pages)
Strip Load and Embankment Load (10 pages)
Circular Load, Rectangular Load and Newmark's Influence Chart (18 pages)
Compressibility and Consolidation
Soil Settelement (64 pages)
Shear Strength of Soil
Shear strength of soils (68 pages)

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