What does an engineer need ???

A job, a well-settled life, a stereotypical spouse, respect from phoney neighbours, a lifestyle unparalleled to your classmates, a certificate from society etc. etc. etc.

The game of supply and demand has started producing engineers who are not engineers at heart they are just graduates like any other. They, after engineering work as bank P.O.s, Clerks, railway clerks, call receivers at call centers and what not. If you have reached here you know the real story yourself. So where has that real engineer gone????

Let’s see, we truly think that an engineer of this generation coming from an engineering college has equal mental status.


Don’t be

An engineer from IIT, NIT, Tier 2 and Tier 3 College has an engineering degree. That’s it. We don’t look a piece of paper from any other vantage point. The art of engineering to us is doing maximum from minimal resources available. That’s engineering and not a fancy degree from XYZ or B College.

Let’s us cut to the chase- We have a motto; if you have an engineering degree from any damn college in the Milky Way you can be part of the race called be super-successful-in-life.

Now, the problem is that BRAND engineering college sold by marketing gimmicks is the root cause why we hear students committing suicide if they do not get selected in let’s say IITs, their dreams finish. The dream sold is simple. Let’s break it down into simpler parts.

  1. Study diligently as slaves of Rome
  2. Get in IITs and then study like insane people
  3. Finish the course somehow and get a fancy job with 7 digit lpa
  4. Lead a well-settled life what society can approve of

Somewhere in the above steps, people forget a very important part. We are people and can enjoy life while doing the toughest job on the planet. We not only believe in the above words but lead our life to these words and want all to follow that. If one cannot go to IITs it simply means one would be a bad engineer. That’s absolute crap.

There is also a patriarchal problem existing and thriving in our so-called cultural society, we don’t want our girls to be educated, as they are best suited for domestic work. A lot of girls are changing the paradigm and are moving forward and also beating their male counterparts. An engineer to us is an engineer irrespective of gender and a good engineer is an animal who is oblivious to a societal prejudiced stance. The vision of life has to stand the test of time and that is it. Especially engineers need to have this ability. Engineering is an art just like dancing, singing, painting, cooking etc. and if we are right all of the above can be learnt if one did not reach their IIT equivalents. And in today’s age, we think it is foolery to assume one is a fool if one does have a piece of paper from a reputed engineering college. While sitting in the remotest part of India when one can learn absolutely anything from the internet so engineering is what radish from whose farm. (A Hindi proverb) Hahaha, Any art, if practised for a long time, produces gems like no other in the field. Similarly engineering.

Online education is the next big step of civilization towards learning. Hence if one wants to have an edge over others in space of engineering; online-learning is an absolute necessity. One can avoid shitty overcrowded classrooms with 500 students or more stuffed in like cattle for a plan that is overpriced and not even worth half the price, being taught for the humongous amount of time which drains the energy of student and not leaving any scope for real learning. Rote learning is what we have never done and advised. The time has come to really learn complicated stuff playfully so engineering is fun and easy like watching a game of football-fast paced yet serene. When our mind is free from crappy problems we can, in reality, learn that is what online education has to offer. An art form taught to you on click of a button.

Only burning desire to learn at your own pace, place and time will separate the wheat from the chaff. Also, stuff available online will empower today’s engineer to look beyond the realm of 9 to 5 jobs. There are so many examples of engineers doing what others could only imagine because an art form to create stuff provides one with infinite possibility.

The joy of providing employment is priceless and worth a chase. Srikanth Bolla, an engineer, was blind from birth but today is millionaire entrepreneur providing jobs to differently abled people. Everyone is born with the same capacity it is the resources what differentiate a successful person from the rest of the crowd.

Their source is available to you at the click of a button.

What are you waiting for????????

We are a team of passionate engineers who want to impart quality assistance to all the aspiring engineers out there. Our Motto: Be a quality Engineer and not just a degree holder with Engineering printed on it.

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  1. Ankit Kumar

    Whole blog is clear about engineering college with money making process,student who got depressed after not getting good government colleges but has much ability to be good engineer and our society view which is not rational 🙏

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